Friday, August 31, 2012

Starting a store on etsy please take a look

 Recently I started to look for things I could build in the hobby to help it pay for its self and these are what I have so far. This light kit fits into a rino rather well if I do say so my self and adds something that paints mimic but is just not the same as the real thing the headlights are nice and bright. The turn signals are just icing on the cake they are not as bright but blink and also look nice when installed.   

I also have these resin bases I originally made for my sternguard veterans they come unpainted but you all have seen my painting skills on this blog so you know I am not the best and I still got them to look like the do in the pictures and I am kinda proud of them.

I hope some of the people that read this blog find some of these worth the price. The wife is cutting me off from my hobby budget. For good reason we need to save to buy a house and this hobby can be a bit of a drain on the old wallet.

hear are the bases with the sternguard finalized if you are wondering what they will look like with models on them


Ork Trukk part: III

finished the trukk today I believe I went a bit overboard with the rust and mud but it looks used for sure.
I love what games workshop  has done with all the new Ork kits they just look great the just need to get around to replacing the few old ones left in the line like the warbuggy and wartrakk they look as bad as the dark eldar before there over haul. But that does give us a good reason  to kit bash them out of other things so I wont wine to much.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ork Trukk part: II

Now that warmachine is all painted up and ready to play it's time to get back to the buniness of the WAAAAAA!!!! some of you might remember that I was trying to paint up 500 points of Orks for an escalation league. Well I  decided at the last second to not buy the new big rule book and wait for the starter set.  That caused my painting on them to stop dead in its tracks with only 2 models to go. Now it is time to fix that and get going again.

The truck looks better each time I add a new color and I think I am finally done baseing all of it. Time to wash it and go back to detail it.   

Monday, August 27, 2012

Warmachine battle report Khador VS. Cryx

 So i got the chance to play my first game of Warmachine finally. I played agenst my brother in laws cryx. The picture above this is our army's before deployment  I thought it was nice seeing them all together in one place the only thing not 100% painted is his skarlock bet Evan that has some base coat on it. the game was 15 points so lets get to it shale we. 
 I forgot to take a picture of our deployment but this is after his turn one advance and run movement you can just barely see sorscha just behind my juggernaut. 
 i ran my juggernaut forward and followed with my caster walking up 6  the destroyer advanced 4 and fired the cannon to no effect. at the same time the widow makers moved up and found there mark on the 2 little jacks right in front of them crippling the slime sprayer on the left most one and getting close to shooting the head off of the one just to its right
 same turn different angle. sorrey i am going to need some time to get better ar shooting these with learning the game and trying to document it at the same time
 I seem to have missed the last turn  but that mostly was him denighing me charges with his gas clouds and me shooting the head off of the 2ed jack advancing on the widow makers.  this turn i missed the shots i had on the little jacks with the widow makers and charged with the juggernaut. witch promptly missed most of its attacks due to not haveing the focus allocated to it it would need. but it still took the head off of the death ripper.
 Then the tide starts turning and the cryx do there first damage the slayer charges my juggernaut and pounds it for massive damage and the death ripper adds in for even more leaving it with only 5 boxes left but it still had an open fist so that was something to strike back with in my turn. in return damage I hit the slayer hard crippling one arm and the head I tried to shoot the slayer with my destroyer and scattered off on to  his caster but doing no damage . the widow makers also starting missing  there shots badly. 
 This turn the widow makers started to go down to the death ripper and the slayer killed my juggernaut the 3 green spell markers are all the center of 3in aoe gas clouds so i did not have much in the way of line of sight on his caster.
 I chose to hide my Sorscha behind my jack to keep from getting assassinated  by his focus charged up caster. but that left her open to the almost dead slayer i believe he had 5 or 6 boxes left but still had the one damn claw and it took her down to 5 points from 17 but could not finish the job. his caster also charged my destroyer and busted it up rather well. but left its ax to strike back in my turn. doing alot of damage to his lord he only had 6 boxes left after the ax fell sorscha also finished off the slayer in my turn 
 same turn again this part my was half tho so i suppose i will have to shoot one for each half of the turn next time..
the last turn i forgot to shoot for the first half but his caster killed my destroyer and he tried to kill me with his little jack but missed one or maby 2 attacks and failed to damage on the last. I then walked out of combat with his little jack and into his caster he missed the free attack and i had a full pile of focus to blast his remaining health so it looked like and easy kill finally. But no it still came down to the last attack being boosted  to take the last of his health away. 
So the final out come victory by caster kill for Khador!
We are supposed to play agaion some time this week so i am going to try to keep documenting these games they are a blast to play and the game could have gone both ways on on several different times. Lets just hope I take enough pictures next time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

End of my year long self Challenge

Well the end of this little self contest came up faster then I thought it would.

1 land speeder with all the options magnetized-----------------8/24/2011page 1
10 man terminator squad with two cyclone missile launchers-8/26/2011page 1
1 Rhino/Razorback--------------------------------------------------8/29/2011page 1
5 marines first half of a squad-------------------------------------9/2/2011page 1
4 tactical marines----------------------------------------------------9/7/2011 page 2
1 tactical merine with lascannon-----------------------------------9/9/2011page 2 first tactical squad done
2 tactical marines----------------------------------------------------9/16/2011page 2
2 tactical marines----------------------------------------------------9/22/2011page 2
1 Crusader / Redeemer---------------------------------------------9/28/2011page 2
1 tactical sergeant---------------------------------------------------9/30/2011page 3
4 tactical marines----------------------------------------------------10/3/2011page 3
1 tactical merine with lascannon-----------------------------------10/4/2011page 3 second tactical squad done
1 vindicator-----------------------------------------------------------10/7/2011page 3
1 Dreadnought-------------------------------------------------------10/10/2011page3
1 bike------------------------------------------------------------------10/15/2011page3
1 mid sized ruin-------------------------------------------------------10/24/2011page3
1 drop pod------------------------------------------------------------10/24/2011page3
1 terminator with assault cannon----------------------------------10/27/2011page4
1 factory--------------------------------------------------------------10/28/2011page4
1 large storage tank-------------------------------------------------10/28/2011page4
1 mid sized ruin-------------------------------------------------------01/04/2012page4
1 small ruin------------------------------------------------------------01/04/2012page4
5 thunder hammer storm shield terminators----------------------01/04/2012page4
1 Attack bike----------------------------------------------------------02/17/2012page4
2 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------02/17/2012page5
1 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------02/17/2012page5
1 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------02/18/2012page5
1 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------02/19/2012page5
1 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------03/11/2012page5
1 Sternguard Sargent------------------------------------------------03/13/2012page5
1 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------03/15/2012page5
1 orc nob---------------------------------------------------------------03/21/2012page5
1 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------03/23/2012page6
1 captain on bike 3ed company-------------------------------------04/04/2012page6
1 Sternguard----------------------------------------------------------04/06/2012page6 squad done
1 biker------------------------------------------------------------------04/06/2012page6
1 bike Sargent---------------------------------------------------------04/07/2012page6
2 bikers-----------------------------------------------------------------04/10/2012page6
20 Skeletons with spears---------------------------------------------05/03/2012 on my blog
1 Devastator-----------------------------------------------------------05/14/2012page7
1 orc slugga boy-------------------------------------------------------05/28/2012page7
19 Boys-----------------------------------------------------------------06/21/2012page7
4 nobs-------------------------------------------------------------------06/30/2012page8
2 Deffkoptas-----------------------------------------------------------06/30/2012page8
Kommander Sorscha--------------------------------------------------08/02/2012
khador juggernaut----------------------------------------------------08/02/2012
khador destroyer------------------------------------------------------08/02/2012
4 Khador widow makers----------------------------------------------08/02/2012

I all most finished an ork warboss and a khador war dog yesterday but all most does not count sadly

so it looks like i did all most 100 infantry in the year 7 bikes 2 deffcopters 10 or so tanks and 5 + terrain pieces

not to shabby and most of the year i was really not pushing hard in fact there were large gaps where nothing was getting done at all. so i guess there is nothing to do but start on a fresh year and see where that leads me. The orignal thred on bell of lost souls and honestly more so this blog have really kept me working a lot better then in years past so i would call that a success. Lets see if i can run my self out of models to paint this year!

any way good luck and happy painting!
edit: Please ignore the page markers in the list they are from the original thread on BOLS

Khador Widow makers part: II

I just finished up my Khador Widow makers. I am happy with the way they turned out the different browns work well on them I think. This unit does start to show the worst thing with Warmachine there are only 4 people in the unit and 2 of them are exactly the same. I know that they are supposed to be all about the game and the models come in second but the repeats bother me and it only gets worse with larger units like winterguard. I will need to get in playing some games so I can decide if the lazy model repeats are worth it to play the game.
so lets hope i can get some time secluded with to learn and play the game. For now its Back to my first love 40K and my mistress Warhammer Fantasy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dakkajet part: III

Well it is a bit more scrappy now I think I am going to prime it soon and get to painting. Alot of suggestions from reddit and my brother in law have been put in place and this project is the better for it.
oh and to answer the question from last time I posted it the guns are 1.8" tubes with 3/16" tubes sliped over them the 3/16" tubes has a the holes drilled into it all down the sides.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Khador Widow makers part: I

I all most finished the base coat on the Widow makers today with them done I will have 15 points painted. Now i just need to get some games in.....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Khador Destroyer part: II

Well after taking these pictures as is my normal I have spotted several bad spots in the paint job. But I am calling him done any way he is a bit brighter then his Juggernaut friend sence I washed him with a red wash in lue of my normal black wash. They look nice next to each other I am hopeing to get a game in soon so I will save any family shots for when that happens. Wish me luck.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tau army Lone fire warrior

Well  I sold off my Tau army a bit ago but there is no reason I cant post them up on my blog bit by bit and give you some insight into my early war gaming days.

This fellow is Shas'ui Mont'ka which means he is a fire warrior Sargent and is honored with the name mont'ka for getting a decisive killing blow. If you had the original tau codex there was a nice language section they cut out of the 5th edition one. The reason he earned the name mont'ka was in a game with a few friends years ago he was the lone survivor of his squad and passed 2 last man standing checks to take a pot shot at wolf lord in terminator and finished him off it was the most lucky set of rolls I have ever seen  the next day I added the half of a shoulder pad to his base and painted it up space wolf style to forever show his greatest dead. 

He was the only one in his squad to ever get finished painting wise by the time I had got around to painting this squad I had all ready painted three other squads of twelve so I was burned out on them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unleashing the Beast - 09...

Well I was excited to start this project the Beast-09 has a rule affinity Sorscha and seance I also have an affinity for her I just had to get him into my army. So as I was at stomping grounds last night to play a few games with my brother in law  I picked one up and added him to my collection.
After I got home I cracked open the box he came in and started sorting parts he is a large hunk of older metal model. As I was going over the pieces it hit me that I could not find the head. Then I could not find the right shoulder. Then I could not find his smoke stacks. At this point I was getting pissed missing something I can see occasionally we are all human but four parts in a box that only contains fifteen or so is not right. There was also a slight miscast on the hull that normally I would give a pass and just re sculpt or paint as damage but i was not happy with the quality over all.

So I went to and quickly enough found  It was easy enough to use so that helped me calm down a bit but we will see how they react to my complaint and i will keep the internet updated on how it goes as things happen. Right now I have high hopes they will fix this quickly.