Monday, February 25, 2013

Building a gameing table part: I

Ok I should have documented this a bit better for the blog, but I am Time crunched to complete This project. My brother in law over at thewarhost Just bought his first house. So i was thinking seance he has the space now  I should build him a proper gaming table(what with me not willing to give up the one we built together years ago). Also I am trying to take into account for his 2 children who being smart and inquisitive as they are will want to help/play with daddy's toys. So the table needs to be a lot more sturdy then our old one that sits on saw horses.

The top is 1/4" plywood with a 4" tall trim of pine boards. Right now it is not as strong as i would like so that will have to be addressed in
 my next session with this project.

This is the first of two sets of legs. The plan is to make the table break down to get it out of the way when needed. It will also be upgradeable with this design so that if he ever gets around to painting enough of one army to warrant a 4' / 6' table or a 4'/8' table all I will have to do is build the top its self and it can sit on the current legs. But for now a 4'/4' will be big enough for the games we play.
He is most certainly a Quality over quantity style painter and on top of that he works insane amounts of hours. So I have time to get around to building him the larger top.  

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