Monday, March 31, 2014

Mass progress on Imperial fists

 So a wile ago I was given an air compressor and an air brush I am still learning to use it but at least so far it makes a damn good tool to lay on nice smooth layers  to bring up yellow from black the first two shots are of the base "Heavy goldbrown" vallejo game color number 72.151

 these other two pictures are the same models with a layer of "sun yellow" vallejo game color number72.006 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Khador Battle Mechaniks part: 2 finished

so my mechaniks are finished, the skin is a little pale but all in all I am happy with it. I really need to find my self a can or really a few cans of testers dull coat to take the shine off of these guys and a lot of the other stuff I have painted over the last few months. The problem is my local hobby shop has not had it in on the few occasion I have stopped in so I may need to start looking for a new place to source my flat sealer.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Khador Battle Mechaniks Part: 1

Time for something completely different. I don't know why but I went at painting my  Khador Battle Mechaniks today. I am really enamored with the Leader he is a great looking model I am hoping I can do him justice skin is not the easiest thing to paint.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Warhound titan build complete

 The hydraulics really make this look nice 
I know no one will be as impressed as I am with this shot. But I am the one that had this sitting on my desk for the more then the last five years and it is just so weird to see it in black. weird but satisfying...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Baneblade finished!

 This is my favorite angle. what an intimidating tank.

 A bit less weathering on the back. my thought was that it be replaced more often then the rest.
I was going for a siege of Terra thing on this mural. It kinda works but the details are really rough painting space marines that are 3-4 mm tall  it is bit beyond my skill but from a distance of 3ft away it gives the right impression.   
This side came out much better less was more and it was easier to pull off the baneblade taking  on the legio mortis titan.

Well that is one huge check off of my TO DO list. on to new Projects!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Warhound titan part two? i think...

I tried searching my own blog for posts on this titan and I could have sworn I did more then the one but I cant seem to find any more so from then till now there is a lot more finished. The trim is on everything  and I recently got in a shipment from amazon of styrene tubes to add hydraulics to the second leg there are still some of the larger ones in the mail so I can't 100% finish up but as soon as they are in I can prime and start to paint this monster 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baneblade progress part?? who knows they come so rarely

 free hand is definitely a weakness in my painting skills so the side panels have been a sticking point for a long time so i decided to sketch out some ideas with pencil there not fantastic but I was going for the wall of the imperial palace and the baneblade taking on a titan with the idea that they were the most glorious moments in the history of this tank.

I also added a lot more brass to try to make it look a bit more impressive and aged I think it looks much better this way then the slab of gray it was. If I can get the mosaics done then it will be a lot of washes and powders to make it look slick to finish up this long term project.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sternguard squad #3 Part:1 first five finished

I knocked these out a little wile ago when a snow storm had knocked out my power they are all magnitised so I can swap in combie weapons or back down to normal bolters to keep them cheep on points.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Updating old buildings

I am still getting back into the swing of blogging so there are no before shots but theses never had trim and needed to be sanded down I am not sure If i posted about this back when I did the single two story building that was made around the same time this was. But ether way it got trim and sanded down mostly smooth then very recently started to paint them I need to get my printer back up and running soon so I am print out some of the imperial propaganda posters and other goodies to detail the buildings that you can find around the net. I also might still have some lamps from the GW buildings in my bits bins to help make them a little better.    

Monday, March 10, 2014

deffkoptas finished!

Well the deffkoptas are finished up and now the whole flight of 9 of them are painted up they are not all amazing. But I really like how the roter hubs came out on some of them. The washes combined with rubbing the silver off of them lightly gave them a nice effect.

Friday, March 7, 2014

A 40K battle report! Orks vs. Necrons 450pts

 Deployment: We got "" with "hammer an anvil" as the mission  I was playing the orks I had a warboss in mega armor with a combie schorcha, cybork body and attack squig
5 nobs one with a power claw one with a big choppa and 3 normal ones
1 defkopta with rokkits
17 boys with sluggas one was a nob with power claw and boss poll

The necrons were played by my bother in law thewarhost he had
a lord with some goodies i forget the exact stuff but 2+ save, rez orb some, staff and mind shackle scarabs
5 imortals
10 warriors
4 scarab bases   
 Turn 1 first half: Necrons go first and shuffle up a bit the scarabs moved up behind the round silo in the shot.
Turn 1 second half: The Orks move up all together my thought was to try to avoid his warriors that had the lord with them for a bit wile I had a chance to take the small unit of immortals on. my warboss and nobs were not on the board as I had gotten outflank as his warlord trait they were held in reserve. the deffkopter took the first shot of the game and failed to do anything to the immortals.     
 Turn 2 combined: The Immortals shot down the deffkopter earning the necrons first blood and a kill point and the score went to 2-0 necrons. The scarabs  moved up between the factory and the silo on the center of the board to hide and make a charge next turn but due to my boys moving up enough they took a charge instead getting wiped out earning the orks a killpoint making the score 2-1 necrons. The warboss and his nobs came in from reserve and landed on the flank I wanted them on in a good place to flame and shoot the immortals killing 2 of them.
 Turn 3 combined: the nobs and boss charged the immortals and did what they do best and smashed them to bits moving the score to 2-2.  the warriors backed away from the boys and shot several of them dead wile the boys gave chase.
Turn 4 combined: orks chased the warriors and lord and try ed to close in on them  I should have called the waagh! but forgot too to get the re roll on the charge distance. the warriors wisely kept there distance and chipped away at the boys.
Turn 5 combined: The warriors were really doing some damage to the boys at this point and I just could not get the charge off (did not help that I kept forgetting the waagh!). and due to random game length this was the last turn. I ended up wining but to my nobs and warboss being in his deployment zone and getting line breaker so it was a 3-2 game in favor of the orks but had the game gone on I was still any ones game. one more lucky round of shooting could have killed the boys then there was still mind shackle scarabs waiting for my warboss in combat with his lord. Really interesting stuff for such a small game I think and I am hopping we start sotating in some 40K into out normal line up of fantasy tho I am still enjoying that immensely.