Monday, March 3, 2014

Back in action! building up a tower for Warhammer fantasy

I wish I had pictures of building this but it is just layers of 1" insulation foam cut in to circles and stacked up then glued together with wood glue(white glue would do as well I think). Then sanded smooth to make a nice cylinder after that I carved lines in to it to look like bricks with my hobby knife.

It was passable at this point to paint up (never spray paint foam it melts) but a little extra effort makes all the difference at this stage so I got some balsa wood and knocked in some frames on the windows and doors. Then put in a panel for the door and some bracing, the door handle / knocker is wire bent around my very small pliers tips to make a small circle and a u shape to attach that to the door.

After i finish painting up this My group will finally have a tower for the watchtower scenario in warhammer fantasy        


  1. Hi, wow this tower looks fantastic! How did you cut out the round shapes from the foam?
    I'm going to follow your blog and this project!
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. I just used a utility knife with a fresh blade to cut the rough circles after they were glued to gather they got sanded down to match each other properly. Sand paper rips thru this stuff fast so be careful not to over do it.