Monday, March 17, 2014

Baneblade progress part?? who knows they come so rarely

 free hand is definitely a weakness in my painting skills so the side panels have been a sticking point for a long time so i decided to sketch out some ideas with pencil there not fantastic but I was going for the wall of the imperial palace and the baneblade taking on a titan with the idea that they were the most glorious moments in the history of this tank.

I also added a lot more brass to try to make it look a bit more impressive and aged I think it looks much better this way then the slab of gray it was. If I can get the mosaics done then it will be a lot of washes and powders to make it look slick to finish up this long term project.


  1. Looks great. I painted every single rivet on my Fortress of Arrogance, as well. It's tedious, but it really makes the model stand out.

  2. Thank you I really feel painting the rivets takes it from looking like a imperial guard line tank to looking like a venerated ancient relic that is is supposed to be. At least in my case that is what I am going for.