Monday, December 30, 2013

Sword brethren / vanguard veterans

finished up these guys today not sure when they will get to the table but now they are an option!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Vampires vs. lizardmen game five

Deployment: yes we are still using the flamer templates as a river... yeah I need to fix that at some point. 
 Vampire turn one: general advance + bulking up units the normal stuff
 Lizardmen turn one: they move up quite a bit and due to magic the saurus got to move an additional ten inches and get around my flank so early
 Vampires turn two: to save my self from a flank charge I charged into combat exposeing the saurus on my flank to my hexwraiths soul striding thru them to kill a few plus the terrorghiest screaming several of them to death.
 Lizardmen turn two: they got the charge in with the saurus cav into the skeleton unit wile also charging the back of my zombies with the left over saurus
 Vampires turn three: The terrorghiest destroyed the skink skirmishers that were comeing in to poison him and  my zombies were utterly annihilated.  
 Lizardmen turn three: Seance the zombies are not in the way any more the units that kill them are free to charge and kill my terrorghiest
Vampires turn four: my skeletons died and the only unit left is the hexwraiths   
 not sure what happened picture wise hear but I walked thru the skink cohort to allmost destroy them   

 and now they get killed to combat resolution

A rather solid lizardmen victory 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

lizardmen stegadon

I tough I would post some work in progress shots of the stegadon I would have just given to my friend mike who owns the lizardmen army that appears so often in the battle reports. as you can see I have gotten a lot done all ready the skin on the steg and most of the basing for the colors. As of right now I have a week till Christmas to finish this up and a lot of other work to do so that is enough typing time to get back to painting. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Black Templar sword brethren / Vanguard veterans

I have seven of the ten veterans finished and also need to get done my emperors champion and i will have a nice little allies force of Black Templars ready to go at least when you take into account that I all ready have a tactical squad around some place

Friday, December 20, 2013

Vampire Counts VS. High elves Game one

 Deployment: the empty plate is supposed to be Forrest in a few battle reports they will finally have there trees that were lost in my basement for a long time  the only other confusing thing on the table is the set of templates. They are a river I need to get around to building some scenery to represent a river as they come up a lot but I have not gotten to it yet.
Oh and this is a watch tower mission and the house in the center is the objective
The high elves got to go first  and shuffle forward a bit to set them selves up for later they also took a shot at the terrorghiest with the bolt thrower and did nothing to it
 The first vampire turn was also a general advance and bulking up my units with magic.
 High elf turn two consisted of pinking away at my units and moving up his reaver cav to block me from marching 
 Vamp turn two my necromancer finished off the cav on my flank with magic missiles  I should have moved my hexwraiths out to the flank of the skeletons but sadly I did not   
 High elves turn three the sword masters charged my zombies and the seaguard charged my skeletons if I am not mistaken this was when he challenged my vampire I accepted and got wiped out due to him drinking a potion of strength and with his high initiative and always  strike first rule getting him rerolls to hit and a really high chance to wound me.  
 Vampire turn three I swooped over the combat between the zombies and the sword masters with the terrorghiest to screech at the bolt thrower in combat the sword masters finished off the zombies and the skeletons keep grinding down the unit of seaguard  
 High elf turn four: The sword masters are now in the tower and the ongoing combat with the seaguard is slowly going to the undead due to healing of losses and dragging down a few elves each combat.
Vampire Turn four: The terrorghiest moves over to get at the archers because the swordmasters have the banner that gives them a 2+ ward save vs. magic so the chances of doing wounds was really low
the rest of the turn was ongoing combat   
High elf turn five: The ongoing combat is coming to an end but the elves survive again and the archers take some shots at the terrorghiest  
Vampire turn five:I finally finished off the elves with the skeletons I also charged the archers they chose to flee 
 High elf turn six: The archers failed to rally and the sword masters easily hold the tower
 Vampire turn six: The hexwraiths ran down the archers and I reformed the skeletons to attack the tower a day late and a dollar short sadly 
So the high elves hold the tower and win the game!  after this game  I decided I needed a unit of graveguard both to serve as an effective combat block but also to take that damn tower after some one with decent combat skills takes a tower.

Still this game was a blast to play and I look forward to fighting them again in a different mission.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Grave guard

This is the last batch of models I managed to crank out when I was on a painting rampage a few weeks ago and I am rather pleased with them the weathering on the bronze is a little over done but they look nice on the table. My only regret with this unit is not building them with great weapons I think they would be better for me in games that way the vampires lack offense a lot of the time and great weapons would make for a punchier unit.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

terrorgheist ahoy!

behold the terror of the table top my "terrorgheist"  tho people are learning to deal with him rather well any more so he is not as horrifying as he used to be.