Friday, December 27, 2013

Vampires vs. lizardmen game five

Deployment: yes we are still using the flamer templates as a river... yeah I need to fix that at some point. 
 Vampire turn one: general advance + bulking up units the normal stuff
 Lizardmen turn one: they move up quite a bit and due to magic the saurus got to move an additional ten inches and get around my flank so early
 Vampires turn two: to save my self from a flank charge I charged into combat exposeing the saurus on my flank to my hexwraiths soul striding thru them to kill a few plus the terrorghiest screaming several of them to death.
 Lizardmen turn two: they got the charge in with the saurus cav into the skeleton unit wile also charging the back of my zombies with the left over saurus
 Vampires turn three: The terrorghiest destroyed the skink skirmishers that were comeing in to poison him and  my zombies were utterly annihilated.  
 Lizardmen turn three: Seance the zombies are not in the way any more the units that kill them are free to charge and kill my terrorghiest
Vampires turn four: my skeletons died and the only unit left is the hexwraiths   
 not sure what happened picture wise hear but I walked thru the skink cohort to allmost destroy them   

 and now they get killed to combat resolution

A rather solid lizardmen victory 

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