To do list


Imperial fists (I know I know but I still like these guys and one year I really will finish them)
  • Tactical Squad #3
  • Sternguard squad #2 2/10 done
  • Sternguard squad #3 yes I had to add this when the new kit came out I am weak... 5/10 done
  • Ironclad dread
  • drop pod #2 50% done
  • drop pod #3 50% done
  • 16 normal terminators
  • the last few odd command models I have siting around
nothing new on this one this year

Vampire counts
  • coven throne 
  • 5 black knights DONE
  • second vampire on foot
  • 10 hounds 
  • Corps cart
  nice and easy on this one as well 

Warriors of chaos
  • 10 Chaos knights (based)
  • 3 skull crushers DONE
  • exalted hero BSB(based)
  • 10 hounds
still just mop up but some interesting models in there

  • nob squad 6guys
  • 8 Flash gits 
  • 10 tank bustas DONE
  • 8 burnna boys  DONE
  • 8 lootas DONE
  • feral warboss on hog (to proxy for a warboss on a bike)
  • finish converting grots from the night goblins I have about 60of them
This is more the work load I am used to giving my self 

  • the one model i got this Christmas A combo kit for the spriggan, Demolisher and Devastator
  • yuri the ax
  • Khador Manhunter x2 
This will finish up the army for me  

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