Monday, March 25, 2013

A new caster for my legion army

After much thought it was decided i needed a caster that could run the army i wanted to make. That being an all warbeast army so my options where Absylonia , Thagrosh or Epic Thagrosh

After looking at the models I knocked thagrosh out of the running as his epic incarnation was just so much cooler looking. After that I went to price them out and found Absylonia for about 8$ and Epic Thagrosh was something like 45$

as you can see from the pictures above I went with Absylonia she was cool looking and with her small base much easier to hide in game with a bunch of large beasts running about. The price difference also helped out quite a bit. Seeing as I could all most get a new warbeast for the difference. 

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