Monday, June 10, 2013

Kovnik Jozef Grigorvich part: I

I started laying down the base coat on kovnik joe in mostly the standard design for him but I went with white trim instead of the normal black to make him stand out a bit more on the table.

Of note on him is the red tho. I just about ran out of red some time ago with my Conquest and landraider projects and decided to try something new. The red on his jacket is vallejo Scarlett red I have wanted to try out Vallejo paints for years.

I am loving the dropper bottles they come in. Also that for 1$ less them the GW paints you get 1/3 more. But none of that matters unless the paint work as well. So far I am on the fence they do coat well but I think the GW stuff has a slight edge in that department. But still need a bit more experience with them to  come to a final conclusion regarding what I will go with from hear on out.     

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