Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ork battle wagon one

 I finally finished painting up this battle wagon the other one is just about ready as well.

Some of you that have followed this blog for a wile will have see that I have had issues recently keeping up with content. Its not that I am falling out of the hobby in fact quite the opposite. I am playing more then I have in quite some time. I am just Having problems spending the time on the blog I used to. So as a solution I am just going to shoot to post finished painted models, battle reports and when I am building something custom like the dakka jet or some of the terrain I will try to document the building process to the point people could replicate it if they want.
What this means is that the blog will not be regularly updated like it was in the past. But I hope the posts will be more interesting and worth dropping in for so subscribe with the button off to the right hand side of the blog and enjoy the new format.         


  1. Red uns go faster!

    Wagon is looking great. I'd suggest more wear or dirt/grim on the deff rolla though. It seems like a large expanse of red compared to the rest of the wagon. I figure you could probably just go completely to town on dirtying it up, as it's basically just tearing the ground/bodies/tanks apart continuously :).

  2. Yeah i really need to mix up a fresh batch of mud weathering http://plasticcrack.blogspot.com/2013/01/mixing-up-mud-weathering.html

    you are quite right it needs the dirt to finish it.