Saturday, September 20, 2014

Resurected and moveing ahead

     Well not to long after the last time I made an attempt to get the blog moving again  my computer died a slow death. (RIP 7 year old computer) I build a new one a few weeks ago but finishing it also coincided with me returning to school so its taken some time for me to return to trying to update the blog. if you look around the tabs a bit at the top you will see the painted army's section is a bit more comprehensive then is was. 
     So we should start to see life on hear again shortly it will not be the three times a week it once was but when thing are finished you will see them and any interesting builds will be a bit more step by step so if you would like to it will be easy to build your own. I already have a custom trukk finished I will be sharing and 29 boys for the 3ed squad. Oh and one of my 3 skull crushers of korn is painted and looking great. So stop back and check out what I am up to over the next few days!


  1. Glad to see you back blogging, have an adsense click on me ;)

    1. thanks Dave I have an interesting project in the works that if i can ever manage to finish should be right up your ally ;-)

      also thanks for the ad click I try to do the same when I visit the blogs I like. Its like dropping them a little tip for the entertainment as far as I am concerned. Not necessary by any stretch but nice of people to do.