Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To do list 2015!!

Much has changed over the last year and the blog has slowed down greatly the last few months but looking back this really was a full hobby year not to mention all the games I actually played for the first 3/4 of the year.

so hear is the list I gave my self last year


To do list 2014

1: actually finish the Imperial fists!

  • Tactical Squad #3
  • Sternguard squad #2 2/10 done
  • Sternguard squad #3 yes I had to add this when the new kit came out I am weak... 5/10 done
  • Ironclad dread
  • drop pod #2 50% done
  • drop pod #3 50% done
  • 16 normal terminators
  • the last few odd command models I have siting around  

2: mop up the last vampires that need painting

  • coven throne 
  • 5 black knights 
  • second vampire on foot
  • Terrorgheist (my wife got me a second model for Christmas so I could build a actual Terrorgheist. yes she is great!) DONE
  • 10 Ghouls DONE
  • 10 hounds 
3: Warriors of chaos
  • 3 units of 12 warriors DONE
  • 10 Chaos knights (based)
  • daemon prince DONE
  • 3 skull crushers(1/3done)
  • 10 hounds 
  • sorcerer DONE
  • exalted hero BSB(based)
4: orks
  •  shoota squad of 30 the last 20 for the unit DONE
  •  slugga squad of 30 
  • flesh out the nob squad I think there are about 10 of them(turned out there are 15)
  • battle waggon #1DONE
  • battle waggon #2DONE
  • 7 deffcoptas DONE
5. finish that damn warhound titan...... construction done

6. paint up the baneblade DONE

7. Start scratch building a Thunderhawk 

8.  Finish up the adeptus custodes land raider and get the units in order so they could be a kill team or somthing....

about 177 models this year much easier then  last year.....

It looks like instead for finishing painting my imperial fists I only managed to chip away at a few squads bit I still finished 7 Sternguard and about half finish my last 2 drop pods so that's somthing.

The vampires who where such a huge part of last years blog got a Terrorgheist and ten ghouls bringing me close to being out of models to paint for them so i count that as a win 
(It seams I never posted about the finished Terrorgheist so I suppose I will have to post that shortly sorry)
the warriors of chaos got quite a bit of time this year as they were all most unpainted at the start and now have three full units of warriors painted a few hearos to lead them and  1/3 of a rare choice finished not to mention the rest of there army based at least 

last army but certainly not least  The ORKS I have spent most of the year on these guys and it shows in the list I got everything I wanted done with them with the exception of the nobs. Who are not even all nobs any more. Some are now flash gits and one or 2 got inducted into units I have built but have not yet painted. but even beyond the list I bought and added units of killa kans a deff dread I bulked up the biker unit this army got much love this year. 

to top it off i did finish off a very long term project in the form of my baneblade  

 so my model count for this year was over 120 not to shabby.

now on to what I want to do this year!


Imperial fists (I know I know but I still like these guys and one year I really will finish them)
  • Tactical Squad #3
  • Sternguard squad #2 2/10 done
  • Sternguard squad #3 yes I had to add this when the new kit came out I am weak... 5/10 done
  • Ironclad dread
  • drop pod #2 50% done
  • drop pod #3 50% done
  • 16 normal terminators
  • the last few odd command models I have siting around
nothing new on this one this year

Vampire counts
  • coven throne 
  • 5 black knights 
  • second vampire on foot
  • 10 hounds 
  • Corps cart
  nice and easy on this one as well 

Warriors of chaos
  • 10 Chaos knights (based)
  • 3 skull crushers(1/3done)
  • exalted hero BSB(based)
  • 10 hounds
still just mop up but some interesting models in there

  • nob squad 6guys
  • 8 Flash gits 
  • 10 tank bustas
  • 8 burnna boys 
  • 8 lootas 
  • feral warboss on hog (to proxy for a warboss on a bike)
  • finish converting grots from the night goblins I have about 60of them
This is more the work load I am used to giving my self 

  • the one model i got this Christmas A combo kit for the spriggan, Demolisher and Devastator
  • yuri the ax
  • Khador Manhunter x2 
This will finish up the army for me   

about 194 models to paint this year (I did not think it was going to be this bad hummm)
If i can dent this wile going to school and working I would be amazed but we shale see.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2 more killa kans and a deff dread

So in my normal fashion I had a bit of free time and hit the painting hard for a brief time. This was the result. they are a bit darker then the first one but with ork's that seems all the more appropriate.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ork Warbikers filling out the squad

I am sorry about the pictures I took them several times and just cant seem to get them as bright as normal.

the new group fits in well with the old one as you can see the nob/warboss (depends on how I want to run him) has his bike painted with paint that is both lucky and makes him go faster!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Organization is everything (paint edtion)

So I am sure we all have had issues with paint jars taking over our work space this is my solution. My original answer to the problem was this standing rack with a lot of holes to slide the pots into. It works great for all my vallejo paint, but sadly I did not have a large enough bit to fit the GW paints.
So now I have a huge rack to fill in as I get more   

 As you can see its easy to build you just need a thick board for the base with a 1/8" slot cut into it then drill a ton of holes in a sheet of 1/8" MDF that are spaced out a bit and the proper size for your paint pots. the only this you have to do after that is add on pieces to the sides of the MDF that have a slot cut into them or they wont be stiff enough to hold your paint with out flexing and breaking.
you could also add on a top and make it more ridged but I did not have room as it sits under the shelf at the back of desk.   
 After I got the vallejo paint taken care of I had to come up with something for all the GW paint I have as my desk was still mostly covered. The answer I came up with after not fitting them on my standing rack was a set of drawers. These are not as easy to enplane exactly how I built them so I will just point you all to This gentleman has some excellent beginner wood working projects and can quickly get you up to speed to build some simple drawers like these. you could also Google "pocket hole jig" and that will tell you how it is possible to hide the screws like I have on this.    

now my desk looks much cleaner and much more orginised.
still a bit of a mess with the tools and chemicals but much better then it was.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scrach built Ork warbuggie

So after building the trukk I had some extra wheels and seeing as how GW has decided to stick to the ancient warbuggie kit and not update it again. I chose to finally get around to building something I can live with. I started by gluing a piece of plastic card that was a size I felt was appropriate on to the wheels I had laying around.
hears something to compare the size to
I find that I need to mix in actual GW bits to add details to this kind of build. My plastic card skills / the time I am currently willing to put into something like this are not up to the task with out them. but seeing all the extra bits in kits any more there is plenty in the old bits box to add in the interest that is needed. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Skull crusher of khorne

This is my current experiment with the air brush all of the red was air brushed on and the OSL on the eyes was obviously done with the airbrush as well. There is still a lot I need to learn as far as changing shades to get a gradient I am looking for but experience is the only way I see to learning that one.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Start to finish custom ork trukk

 This is the model I started with. The original plan was to make a buggy out of it but as I progressed the scale was just to far off from what I felt was reasonable. But as I was contemplating how to shrink it and using my actual ork trukk to determine what size it should be I realized it just about fit as a trukk so that's what it is and I am still building the buggy out of some of the spare tiers and scrap I had after I was done with this. 
 I started with striping some of the junk off and cutting off the cab to bring down the size
 Then I cut the bed of the trukk and knocked about of the half off of it.
adding a driver at least a first test fit
 adding some spacers to put a flat bed on
 the start of the bed
 chopping the top and adding the sides
this was supposed to be the start of the rokket launcher base but a lot of this ends up getting chopped back off

This is where a little time skip happens sorry but I failed to take pictures from hear till I finished painting but hear you go the final painted trukk.

and this is the final product after a lot of added scrap and and other orkifacation