Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new list for a New year

There are a lot of things I have finished from my last list of goals. Also a lot of things that just got back burnered....

SO it's time to set a new fresh set of goals for a new fresh year.

  1. (This is a big one but it is possible)  Finish painting the Imperial fists!
  • landraider #2
  • Vindicator #2
  • Tactical Squad #3
  • Sternguard squad #2
  • Ironclad dread
  • black templar vanguard vets stand in
  • rino/ whirlwind 
  • drop pod #2
  • drop pod#3
  • Devastator squad #3
  • 5 assault termanatiors
  • 16 normal terminators
  • the last few odd command models I have siting around  
    2. Paint up my current orcs

  • shoota squad of 30
  • slugga squad of 30 
  • flesh out the nob squad
  • battle waggon #1
  • battle waggon#2 
  • 7 deffcoptas 
  • warboss
  • big mek
  • humm what do you know this one does not look to intimidating 

   3. Build up to the 50 point level with my Khador army

  • I'm looking at you new winter guard infantry in February...
  • possibly That crazy huge conquest...
   4. Legion of everblight

  • There are 21 points worth of them from the starter box that need painting..
  • There are also a few other models that catch my eye so I think my goal for the year will be a painted 35 point army
  5. Vampires
  • 60 skeletons
  • 40 zombies 
  • coven throne 
  • 20 graveguard
  • zombie dragon/ terrorgiest
  • 5 hex wrathes 
  • 5 black knights 
  • a few necromancers a second vampire on foot  and my Wight king BSB
  • besides the skeletons this one is not too awful bad ether...

OK I just reread my lists and added them up and I have set my self to the task of painting 321 or so models all ready....

So that is not likely to get finished but I like to shoot high so lets add in some stretch goals.

6. finish that damn warhound titan......

7. paint up the baneblade

8. Finish up the adeptus custodes land raider

9. Start scratch building a Thunderhawk

10. Scratch build an ork gargant or some Ork super heavy

11. What the hell if I finish the warhound this year I should start on a reaver titan I do have a set of plans for one stashed on my backup hard drive some where....

I think that should do. If I can get all this done and play some games This will be one hell of a year of hobbying.


  1. And I thought I'd made a big list - you're insane!

  2. The idea is to Push my self to get it all done knowing that it can't happen in the time I have allotted. But by having the Bar so far out it pushes me to get more done then I would if it was possible to finish. But heck if I really push my self It might just happen. You never know