Friday, January 4, 2013

Mixing up Mud Weathering

 Ok it was time to take a short break from painting my Landraider I have bean working on for a wile. So today I thought I would show you how to do mud effects for tanks. first off the supplys you will need are
1: wood glue (this bonds the sand and paint to the tank better then paint on its own)
2:brown paint (I like the cheep stuff for this because it takes a lot kinda like terrain pieces)
3:sand(I prefer my mix of cheep kids play sand and some slightly larger gravel like the brown stone you can see below this)
4:water(you need to thin the mixture out a bit)
5:something to store it in or at least mix up your batch in(I used to make it in a paper cup this time I had an old empty paint pot) 

I like a 1/1/1/1 mix personally but each batch I tweak a little till it looks right
I try to get to around the same consistency as GW paint straight out of the pot perhaps a little thicker

This is what it looks like on the tank with just this mud mixture

And finally these are some finished products. The  Landraider has a thicker batch that had a lot more glue and sand in it the rino got a more standard batch the rino was also dry brushed heavily with a darker brown then lightly dry brushed with bleach bone.
the landraider was a darker brown to start with but was also dry brushed with a few other browns

With this mixture as with all painting at this scale you need to apply several layers and try out different mixes.

I hope I gave you something to play with and we can see some more texture out there on the tabletop battlefields.

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