Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Imperial fist assault squad

I know the Imperial fist's are a chapter that is defensive minded so assault units like this tend to be written off as something they would not employ. But every good general knows you need to hold a force behind your lines that can quickly react to any weaknesses in your perimeter. That is how I use my bike squad and that is how these fine gentlemen will fit into the big picture.

at some point I will get more magnets and make the special weapons swappable into the unit and also the jump packs will swap out so they can work on foot if needed. Alas that will have to happen  another day as I am currently out.    


  1. Where are the Jump Packs from? I may do an assault squad, I've five plastic jump packs but the miniatures are old skool Rogue Trader ones and the vents that go over the top of the shoulders don't fit too well so I really need to look at alternatives, ta.

  2. They are from chapter house

    honestly I really like the style they went for but the casts are not wonderful. If you look carefully some of the bodys of the jets are squished in so they are not round anymore. It is not really bad but I see it some times and it does bother me also I had to do alot of cleaning on the mold lines. It was just a sloppy cast.

    All in all I would buy them again but you should know they are unlikely to be exactly right if the ten jump packs and the landraider kit are representative of there quality of work that comes from chapter house. Great ideas with ok execution.