Wednesday, November 27, 2013

step by step on building a basic tabletop

 I should have gotten this in a few week ago when I built it and it has even shown up in a few battle reports but I thought it might still be of some benefit to see the step by step on how I built this table  

 step one was getting a fresh sheet of 1/4" plywood and marking a nice straight line at 6 feet from the end leaving you with and extra 2 foot section that would be good to make an armies on parade board from

I took it out side at this point to help it dry faster and also not stink out the house with fumes. but to finish this you will need a a lot of glue I started with half a gallon and ran my self totally out by the end of this board also two paint brushes cheep ones will do just fine and a good amount of sand to texture the surface properly   
to get the sand on the the board I would suggest pouring glue in a small patch and brush it out then pour sand on the glue patch but don't take the sand to the edge so that you can make it all bled nicely just keep poring  glue and repeating this until you have the whole surface covered nicely  
 when the glue drys lift the board on edge and bang on the back of it to knock off the loose sand after that I brushed the whole thing down with the second brush to remove any more sand that is even a little loose
 next you will need two cans of your preferred shade of brown I used rust-oleum flat brown make sure you get the edges down the sides or the color of the plywood really stands out 
 now you need something to brighten the high points of the sand I used a can of bone color spray and just dusted the surface. you could also use a much brighter color of brown.
last of all pour on some more glue in patches and use the second brush again to spread it out this time pour on some static grass I would highly recommend using at least three different shades to make it interesting I used two different greens and one light brown. when it has had a chance to dry lift the board on edge again and bang on the back to knock the loose static grass off then just brush the patches again with your hand to get rid of the loose grass

I hope this helps some one it is certainly better then the card table we were playing on until recently with my buddy's.  

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