Monday, November 4, 2013

Vampiers VS. Lizardmen Game four

The set up was simple enough. It was a standard battle line game the things that are hard to see is that we used the random terrain setup so the fence in front of my battle line is a blazing barricade, the "hill" to the left of my hexwraiths is a temple of skulls, the other plate is actually a forest like it was intended but is was also a wild wood and last but not least is the three flamer templates that are filling in for the river that we had nothing else to properly represent it. Further more it was also a "Raging Torrent"     
 I got first turn and moved up
 the lizardmen countered by moving out to the flank and sliding up a bit in the center
 on this turn I used the temple of skulls to ask the favor of the gods and got +1 attack on my wight king bsb  I also moved my hexwraiths WAY up and brought the terrorghiest up wright behind them
this combat was a huge mistake on my part  by extending my lines out so far I left my self exposed to getting charged by two units that could easily kill them due to static combat resolution.  
 on the plus side I only lost one to the combat but in the long run this really cost me
 the lizardmen moved up again to keep in a nice group and the skink skirmishers  started pounding poison darts into my terrorghiest putting 3 wounds on him
 by now I knew I made a huge mistake not moving up so I was trying to catch my own froward units I also used the terrorghiest to destroy his cold one riders 
 the lizardmen finished off the hexwraiths and started to maneuver in to attack my remaining forces they also finished poisoning my terrorghiest to death
I decided to hold my position and keep bulking up my units for the coming storm with my magic
 the lizardmen made one of the charges they attempted
I countered by charging with my zombies  but at this point it is a slow grind till the end for the most part
in this round the lizards got some poison wounds on my corpse cart and the combats continued to eat away at my units  
I charged my  corpse cart at the skinks and died to stand and shoot shots
 the lizards are really taking a tool on my units
 they finished my zombies hear
 now i am down to just my necromancer and wight king bsb but all most finished his saurus
and the last round of combat finished me off totally

So this was a total loss for me I strung my self out far to much and did not follow up properly. lessons were learned and hopefully we will be switching formats for these battle reports shortly. The plan is to start recording video reports wile we are playing it should really help add details and keep things accurate witch having me type these up when I have the time some times a week or too later simply does not do well.    


  1. Yeah, I think we're ready to try to video battle report thing. I'm wondering about the best way to video the battle. Ideally, we'd have a camera above looking down, and one looking from the side area. We'll have to see...

  2. this was a really fun game. a lot of unit movement.