Friday, May 31, 2013

Imperial Fists terminator with Lighting claws

Finished this in one go now I just need to do the last one and the squad will be done and I will be totally finished painting assault terminators.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baneblade Part: I

I have had some paint on this for years but never much just a layer of gray and some ideas on how I wanted to progress.

As you can see I am all most done base coating and will soon be moving on to more exciting shading and layering. The panels on the sides  are intended to be free hand art of the defense of Terra from the forces of the warmaster.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Imperial Fists terminator

I finish up the Imperial Fists terminator I did up for the how to paint Imperial fists post that went up 2 days ago. two more to go and the whole squad of ten will finally be finished. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

How to paint Imperial fists....

I thought it was time to go step by step over how I paint my Imperial fists. I am certainly no master painter but I feel like my painting is easy to follow and would be a good base line to work from for some one new to the hobby.

The first step Is to base the armor with Averland sunset This took me 3 layers to get the level of coverage. I feel the same as most people you need to thin your paints if you want the paint to be smooth Everything you see is cut with at least 1/3 liquitex flow-aid to 2/3 paint but most of it is 1/2 flow-aid to 1/2 paint. You can also just use water But for how little it costs for the bottle of flow-aid I feel that its worth the few dollars to get the paint to work with me a bit easier.

the next step is 2 layers of Celestra Gray

thanks to red being a little better to work with one layer of Khorne red does the job

now some Mournfang brown for the base and the parts that will get painted to look like bone later

Adeptus battlegray for the crux termanatus

Leadbelcher onto any of the mettle parts

Loren Forest to base the green

some Hawk Turquoise for the wires. I like to add it in to break up the standard colors and after it is toned down later on I think it does wonders for the over all look.

Now we finally start heading towards looking good This time we are adding Reikland Fleshshade to the recesses to build in the shadows.

one more shot of the fleshshade from the back the legs are important to the final look


back to layering the yellow. Yriel Yellow this time and again it took about 3 layers to get to this point I would never recommend Yellow to any one new to painting of any one why wants to get an army done in a hurry. It is also a bad choice for any one with out steady hands making so meany layers adds to the chances of accidentally painting over your shadows like I have in places but I have a way to fix that later.

Now we add some White scar

Time to add in some Celestra grey high lights to the crux. I know they are to strong now but a wash later will fix that

Ushabti Bone on all the bone where needed

Liche Purple lighting on the thunder hammer. Sorry I don't have the new Purples so i don't know what the new equivalent is 

now some White scar over parts of the purple on the hammer

 Some Nuln Oil on the mettle bits and the hammer handle and wire's make the look much better


  Some Leviathan Purple wash for the hammer head tones down the lighting

just some Adeptus battlegray on the base for the rocks

I cant be 100% sure why I took this one but I seem to have missed the Scorpion green high lights a few pictures ago so now is as good as any time to hit that point.

The last two shots are all of the final detailing in the form of clean up with my brown and black 005 micro pens with them I can clean out the small mistakes I made in the yellow covering shadows and accidentally painting the black in the joints.

That just about finishes this miniature I believe I just need to add on the grass to the base and perhaps some high lights on the rock on the base.   

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Imperial fist assault squad

I know the Imperial fist's are a chapter that is defensive minded so assault units like this tend to be written off as something they would not employ. But every good general knows you need to hold a force behind your lines that can quickly react to any weaknesses in your perimeter. That is how I use my bike squad and that is how these fine gentlemen will fit into the big picture.

at some point I will get more magnets and make the special weapons swappable into the unit and also the jump packs will swap out so they can work on foot if needed. Alas that will have to happen  another day as I am currently out.    

Monday, May 20, 2013

Battle wagons with def rollas

There has been a lack of orks on this blog as of late so I felt the need to get in something for them.

After finding some spare PVC pipe laying around I knew what had to be done. Def rollas clearly had to be added to the wagons I had build some time ago. Now that they have all there equipment modeled on them I have no excuse why i cant start painting them up.

Then I just need to paint up a box full of boys (no small task) that are around some where and I will be good to go with my orks for what ever normal sized battles are to come.

oops I suppose I still need to finish my Big Mek as well all most slipped my mind

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lysander with his command squad

Seance they were all done I had to dig out the squad and get some pictures of them together.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Veteran Command Squad Banner Bearer Part: III

The banner is finished I hope you all like it as much as I do. The free hand is not very advance compared to what you can find around on the internet but it is a step up for me that is for sure.