Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Building Ork's in mass

Well I have my painting bench filled for the next few months easily. The last 2 days gave me the chance to build up all off the orks I have had stashed for the last few years. I built them up as a squad of 30 shoota buys with 3 big shootas and a nob with power claw and boss poll also a unit of 30 slugga boys with 3 rockets and nob with a power claw and boss poll. Plus 10 slugga  boys to add the the original 20 I have painted.

to top it off there are 6 more deffcoptas and 15 nobs i believe 3 have big choppas and 2 have power claws  the other 10 are choppa/slugga guys.

now on to baseing and primeing! 

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