Friday, October 5, 2012

Frosted Blood angels fixed!

As you can see this is the same squad I showed you a little wile ago that was all frosted up from sealing them. All I did to fix them was apply olive oil to any of the places that got frosted with the valspar flat sealer. After it sat for about 2 hours I ran them under hot water to get most of the olive oil off. Then I let that for a few days before washing them with mild dish washing liquid  to get the last of the oil off of them. Let that dry totally and you can re seal them with spray sealer again.

You can still see some texture in the paint where the frosting was bad but it is all most impossible to see when they on a table and not under close inspection. Also there are some places where washing them and rubbing them has taken some of the layers of paint off and you can see some red where it should not be but its a lot better in my mind then the frost that was there before.    

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