Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Frosted Blood angels

As you can see I was playing with painting up my assault squad as blood angels it did not feel right to have them as imperial fists to me but I like options and had them around so this is the way I went.

As you can also see they frosted badly when I was sealing them so this is my warning to everyone DON'T buy and use valspar paint or sealer the spray has been horrible from the start it never sprayed correctly the cone of spray was erratic and after you use it you have to clean the spray head or it seals its self shut. But I can deal with that. This frosting is something else entirely. I shook the can for about 2 minutes like I normally would I sprayed in the basement like I normally would. The only thing I can think of is that is is much more humid outside then normal but the basement is air conditioned and felt much like any other day.

So back I go to my krylon clear flat.         

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  1. I just now applied the olive oil and cleaned it off after with hot water so shortly. we will see if that worked for me fixing thee guys