Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Black Templar's a blast from the past

This is my 3ed painted tactical squad the flamer is magnetized to swap out for a melta gun or a plasma gun. The Sargent also has a powerfist and bolter if I would prefer to use them.

The blast from the past part is because this squad was the only painted squad from way back when I decided to give up Tau the first army I played with was Black Templar and this squad was the closest to getting fully painted. They where the squad that made me want to try out normal marines. I mostly went hard into the close combat  at first because the Tau were so terrible at it but I found that the elements I likes most in the army where the more shooting orientated or balanced units.    

The only change that this unit needed from the old days was adding the lascannon now I think they will fit in with my Imperial fists. Hears to meany more years or service lets hope they can make a good showing.

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