Friday, November 30, 2012

Starting hordes with Legion of everblight!

I split the starter box with thewarhost a little wile ago so now I have Lylyth, Herald of everblight a carnivean four shredders and a full unit of Blighted ogrun warspears. I am really looking foward to painting these up as close as I can to the studio army

as you can see there are some difficult transitions to make but there is not to much of a time press on this so It should be interesting to see what I come up with.


  1. I've just gotten through the flesh tones on my Feral Warpwolf and I've got a pretty snazzy technique for you to try out to achieve those smooth blends. With Everblight you've got the luxury of not having to get TOO organic looking with your (off)whites, and this will work wonders for you I think.

    See if you can spot what I'd be referring to. It's NOT the airbrush(though I used that on my wolf as well).

  2. damn you leaving for the craft store shortly.... that is great stuff in that vid

  3. Yep. Michael's has "Portrait Pastels" or chalks or something. They're perfect!