Monday, August 12, 2013

Some weeks I just spend ruining models

OK perhaps its not as bad as ruined but some times it feels like that. I just can't seem to get the wings to have the texture I want. They are perfectly smooth so I am forced to paint in anything I want texture wise and my lack of skill in free handing is really holding me back.

Oh well she has a date with my primer can now and I will start over from square one some time later.  


  1. Try adding some horizontal lines with a reddish/sepia wash. With the transparency in the washes you can build up the effect so that the arcs are darker at the apex.

    If you add in some veins beforehand the wash will make them look underneath. Alternatively, try sponging in the centre for a bit of random texture, again I'd try some veins first.

    Better to try and fix it before re-priming afterall there's no texture there to destroy.

    1. I will have a go at trying some of that. Adding in some veins may be the idea that makes this work.... thank you.

    2. It's a fine line knowing when to 'quit while your ahead' or when you can 'keep pushing the envelope'. I think there's plenty of scope left with what you've done so far without starting from scratch. Anyway, washes a far less destructive, you can keep adding to them without obscuring details and ruining the model. I keep thinking of them more like watercolours, despite never getting the hang of watercolours.