Friday, August 30, 2013

Space Marine preorders are up go get em!

well after looking over what we actually got  I am surprised by what I want from the list and what was kinda disappointing.

     The command figures look nice but both the captain and the librarian are mono pose plastic and 30$ so you can count me out on them.

    As much as I like seeing the Imperial fists on the cover of the codex I cant see paying 115$ for a book that has no more content then its 58$ "normal" counter part

    Ok enough with the negative the rest of the release I am loving the new sternguard they are nice looking and come with  two of each combie and both a heavy bolter and heavy flamer that is plenty for me I am not the kind of person that spammed 10 combies in a squad so i will have plenty with this kit. The new tactical squad is all i could want minus a few more heavy weapon options . Tho this kit raises the question with the sternguard kit if the tactical Sargent can have a combie that is a base bolter half with 4 different tops why where the sternguard ones done as solid pieces?

    Ah I all most forgot the the new vanguard vets they look great and have nice options in the kit the only question for me is can I find a place to use them in my army....

   any way that is my two cents now to wait for next week and actually getting my hands on the book.... 

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