Friday, January 10, 2014

Lizardmen VS. Vampire Counts game six

Set up
Lizard turn one: full advance
vampire turn one: The terrorgheist shrikes the skink priest eliminating the lizard magic phase for the game. the zombies move up to block charges into the terrorgheist.
Lizard turn two: Saurus charge the zombies and massacre them all most totally eliminating the unit but it held on  the skink skirmishers layed some wounds into the terrorgheist as well and last but not least the skink cohort charged my other zombies 
Vampire turn two: my zombies in the south actually ran the skink cohort off and my grave guard charged the saurus to avoid being charged. The terrorgheist also shreaked at the skink skirmishers but did not have enough punch to drive them off
lizard turn three: This is where he locked up this game the flank charge into my grave guard  with his hero and the seckond saurus unit was devastating, my only consolation was the saurus cav charging threw the woods managed to fail three dangerous terrain checks and then there panic check and ran them selves off for the turn. 
Vampire turn three: preping to take the final blow
Lizard turn four?: Ok I am confused a bit hear this looks like a vampire turn the zombies seem to have charged the recovered skink cohort witch was just two skinks and the kroxigor 
real lizard turn four?: one unit of saurus charged the flank of the zombies finishing them off
vampire turn five: to make it go faster I skipped my turn nothing I could have done would have helped any way one unit of skeletons with a whiteking bsb is enough to stop everything that was left 
lizard turn six: a combo of the hero and his saurus and the saurus cav evaporated my whole unit and hero in it.

So the lizardmen won this game handily it still had some high points for the vampires and I learned to not count on the zombies to hold up a flank against quite so much.  

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