Friday, January 3, 2014

Vampires VS. Lizardmen VS. Highelves 1300 points each

 OK this is going to be an odd battle report I feel like it would work much better as a video but currently that is something we don't have a set up for so you will have to bare with me explaining as best I can in text form.

I only took pictures at the end of each turn because we altered the way turns work to make the game go more smoothly. first we roll to see what order we go in each turn to then each person takes there movement  magic and shooting portions of there turn. At the end of of all that we fought all the combats twice to simulate the turn half's.

 general advance with some light shooting and some magic destruction mostly from the high elves onto the lizardmen
 The lizzardmen get really aggressive and charge my zombies I believe that the high elves like the saurus cav on fire with the big high magic spell so they will burn for the next turn or 2
getting close to total melee chaos sadly I seem to be missing the critical pic of all that melee happening sowe wil have to just jump past that turn and you get to see the aftermath
yeah... that was a lot of killing the the mash you see to the left of center is my grave guard and vampire fighting off everything and getting ground down with even more about to charge in
I ran off the skinks and turned back with the skeletons and the elves charged into the remnants of the mash up combat

Who won!?  Who knows we all had a ton of fun trying to make this work and we all killed some stuff and it was an interesting way to get a game in for sure. 

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