Friday, January 17, 2014

Lizardmen stegadon finished

not much to say hear I passed on this to my buddy as a rather late Christmas gift there are a few things I saw when shrinking down and cropping the images  for this post that I would fix but the model looks nice on the table and he seems to like it so its all good.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lizardmen VS. Vampire Counts game six

Set up
Lizard turn one: full advance
vampire turn one: The terrorgheist shrikes the skink priest eliminating the lizard magic phase for the game. the zombies move up to block charges into the terrorgheist.
Lizard turn two: Saurus charge the zombies and massacre them all most totally eliminating the unit but it held on  the skink skirmishers layed some wounds into the terrorgheist as well and last but not least the skink cohort charged my other zombies 
Vampire turn two: my zombies in the south actually ran the skink cohort off and my grave guard charged the saurus to avoid being charged. The terrorgheist also shreaked at the skink skirmishers but did not have enough punch to drive them off
lizard turn three: This is where he locked up this game the flank charge into my grave guard  with his hero and the seckond saurus unit was devastating, my only consolation was the saurus cav charging threw the woods managed to fail three dangerous terrain checks and then there panic check and ran them selves off for the turn. 
Vampire turn three: preping to take the final blow
Lizard turn four?: Ok I am confused a bit hear this looks like a vampire turn the zombies seem to have charged the recovered skink cohort witch was just two skinks and the kroxigor 
real lizard turn four?: one unit of saurus charged the flank of the zombies finishing them off
vampire turn five: to make it go faster I skipped my turn nothing I could have done would have helped any way one unit of skeletons with a whiteking bsb is enough to stop everything that was left 
lizard turn six: a combo of the hero and his saurus and the saurus cav evaporated my whole unit and hero in it.

So the lizardmen won this game handily it still had some high points for the vampires and I learned to not count on the zombies to hold up a flank against quite so much.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lizardmen Stegadon part:2

Cranking along on this as fast as possible at this point I was allready late in getting this done for Christmas. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Vampires VS. Lizardmen VS. Highelves 1300 points each

 OK this is going to be an odd battle report I feel like it would work much better as a video but currently that is something we don't have a set up for so you will have to bare with me explaining as best I can in text form.

I only took pictures at the end of each turn because we altered the way turns work to make the game go more smoothly. first we roll to see what order we go in each turn to then each person takes there movement  magic and shooting portions of there turn. At the end of of all that we fought all the combats twice to simulate the turn half's.

 general advance with some light shooting and some magic destruction mostly from the high elves onto the lizardmen
 The lizzardmen get really aggressive and charge my zombies I believe that the high elves like the saurus cav on fire with the big high magic spell so they will burn for the next turn or 2
getting close to total melee chaos sadly I seem to be missing the critical pic of all that melee happening sowe wil have to just jump past that turn and you get to see the aftermath
yeah... that was a lot of killing the the mash you see to the left of center is my grave guard and vampire fighting off everything and getting ground down with even more about to charge in
I ran off the skinks and turned back with the skeletons and the elves charged into the remnants of the mash up combat

Who won!?  Who knows we all had a ton of fun trying to make this work and we all killed some stuff and it was an interesting way to get a game in for sure. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years resolutions / updated TO DO list

well first lets take a look at how I did last year before we look at what I will be shooting to do this year.
the red highlighted items are what i got done the rest I am still working on...   at some point... 

  1. (This is a big one but it is possible)  Finish painting the Imperial fists!
  • landraider #2   DONE
  • Vindicator #2  DONE
  • Tactical Squad #3
  • Sternguard squad #2
  • Ironclad dread
  • black templar vanguard vets stand in
  • rino/ whirlwind  DONE
  • drop pod #2
  • drop pod#3
  • Devastator squad #3 DONE
  • 5 assault termanatiors DONE
  • 16 normal terminators
  • the last few odd command models I have siting around  
    2. Paint up my current orcs

  • shoota squad of 30 done 10/30
  • slugga squad of 30 
  • flesh out the nob squad
  • battle waggon #1
  • battle waggon#2 
  • 7 deffcoptas 
  • warboss DONE
  • big mek DONE
  • humm what do you know this one does not look to intimidating 

   3. Build up to the 50 point level with my Khador army
            61/50 points done
  • I'm looking at you new winter guard infantry in February...
  • possibly That crazy huge conquest...DONE
   4. Legion of everblight
           19/35 points done
  • There are 21 points worth of them from the starter box that need painting..
  • There are also a few other models that catch my eye so I think my goal for the year will be a painted 35 point army
  5. Vampires
  • 30 skeletons 30/30done
  • 40 zombies 
  • coven throne 
  • 20 graveguard
  • zombie dragon/ terrorgiest
  • 5 hex wrathes 
  • 5 black knights 
  • a few necromancers a second vampire on foot  and my Wight king BSB
  • besides the skeletons this one is not too awful bad ether...

OK I just reread my lists and added them up and I have set my self to the task of painting 321 or so models all ready....

So that is not likely to get finished but I like to shoot high so lets add in some stretch goals.

6. finish that damn warhound titan......

7. paint up the baneblade

8. Finish up the adeptus custodes land raider

9. Start scratch building a Thunderhawk

10. Scratch build an ork gargant or some Ork super heavy

11. What the hell if I finish the warhound this year I should start on a reaver titan I do have a set of plans for one stashed on my backup hard drive some where....

I think that should do. If I can get all this done and play some games This will be one hell of a year of hobbying.


well this year was the year of warmachine and warhammer fantasy that is for sure. I believe I managed to finish painting about 120-130 models of my 300+ I wished to complete. lets call it half so not bad at all I now have all most all the options I want for my Khador army painted there are maby a dozen left that I have around that I may get around to at some point but the core is deffentaly all there and looking snazzy

I also have the bulk of my vampires done for warhammer fantasy and for that army I really mean bulk painting. Zombies and skeletons are needed in much larger quantitys that anything else i have ever tried painting. I have to admit both of the batches I did for them really burnt me out panting wise for a wile but I love seeing them on the table in all there glory. I am just glad I don't need to do it again.

last but certainly not least are my beloved imperial fists they have not hit the table in a long time but there are murmurs of starting killteams up shortly with in my gameing group so they may get there chance soon.

So when you add in all the games I have actually played this year its been a great hobby year and next year is shaping up to be a banner year as well.

so now on to the hard part setting a new TO DO list up for the comeing year.

1: actually finish the Imperial fists!
  • Tactical Squad #3
  • Sternguard squad #2
  • Sternguard squad #3 yes I had to add this when the new kit came out I am weak...
  • Ironclad dread
  • drop pod #2
  • drop pod #3
  • 16 normal terminators
  • the last few odd command models I have siting around  

2: mop up the last vampires that need painting

  • coven throne 
  • 5 black knights 
  • second vampire on foot
  • Terrorgheist (my wife got me a second model for Christmas so I could build a actual Terrorgheist. yes she is great!)
  • 10 Ghouls
  • 10 hounds 
3: Warriors of chaos
  • 3 units of 12 warriors 
  • 10 Chaos knights 
  • daemon prince 
  • 3 skull crushers
  • 10 hounds 
4: orks
  •  shoota squad of 30 the last 20 for the unit
  •  slugga squad of 30 
  • flesh out the nob squad I think there are about 10 of them 
  • battle waggon #1
  • battle waggon #2
  • 7 deffcoptas 
5. finish that damn warhound titan......

6. paint up the baneblade

7. Start scratch building a Thunderhawk   

8.  Finish up the adeptus custodes land raider and get the units in order so they could be a kill team or somthing....

about 177 models this year much easier then  last year.....