Monday, June 4, 2012

Devastator sergeant Ursus

This gentlemen was supposed to be the heart of my army back in 4th edition when you could get tank hunting on devastators. The plan was to have lots of missile launchers with the tank hunter skill so they could kill armor well but also blast template hordes. So the best of both worlds. The problem is the army never got off my desk during 4th at all it was just a plan. I played Tau a lot back then so painting was focused on them for the most part but this guys slowly got built up until late in 4th when my group took a break from playing for a wile. by the time we started playing again at all 5th had been released and a new book made me rethink my plan.
Now that the core of my 5th edition army is done painting I finally have a reason to paint up all the fun options that are hanging around like the devastators
points of interest on this guy would be the helm I re sculpted a bit and there are some press molded fists on the shoulder banner and lower leg. I even took a shot a some painted on damage.

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