Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Orc speed painting

This guy went from primer to this in under an hour. I Plan on needing ALOT of these guys so i had to find a way to paint many of them quickly if I wanted to see the army playabil at any point in the next few years.

So hears the step by step. This is as much for my own reference as for any one who wants to replicate what i did. So hear we go.
step 1: prime black
step 2: spray krylon leafy green over most of it but mostly to get the skin based 
step 3: base coat brown= bestial brown
                            black= chaos black 
                            red= khorne red
                            silver=boltgun metal
                            gray= Codex grey
                            the base is painted Dark flesh rimed chaos black

step 4: add some streaks of codex gray to the black cloth to show scuffs and damage  
step 5: washes  silver gets washed Badab black
                         red armor, leather, black cloth and gray fir all get Devlan mud also the base gets a bit
                         green skin gets washed Thraka green

step 6: add khorne red details to the gun and any other places needed
           then stipple on bestial brown followed by blazing orange on the large surfaces of the metal like the sword and gun to show rust
           Finally add white tips to the fur rim on the hat and painted the stitches bleached bone the teeth are also bleached bone.
          also paint large sand pieces on the base codex gray and dry brush a little graveyard earth wile you are at it.

and that is what I will be replicating again and again to get this army painted but it should be worth it to see a fully painted hoard charging across the board. The big guys and more interesting units will get more attention then this but it should be good enough for a normal guy. 

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