Monday, June 25, 2012

Magnetizing a Landraider

 first part is easy build up the hull and everything but the weapons.
 Next you need to cut the posts down by the thickness of the magnets and add them back on like i have done to the one of the left just below this
 This one i stole from a recent post on bell of lost souls but it only needs small magnets so it seemed the best way to recess the magnets ad still keep the stability of the parts rotation wise. 
 the magnets that i used where a tiny bit larger then the holes in the storm bolters and the little optical doodad so i just stick my hobby knife in the hole and spun it around to bore it out a bit. Then you just drop a dab of glue down the hole and press the magnet to the botem of the hole  
 I am willing to bet that you cant even tell that this is held together with magnets.
 The next piece that needed to be magnetized was the multimelta i suggest gluing a piece of spru across the gap from the bottom 
 Its hard to see but this is the piece from the inside and a shot of the magnet on the multimelta sorry if it is harder to see i forgot to take a picture of it before i primed the whole thing. 

hear we go all done and ready for paint 
 Oh and has anyone had problems will casting problems with landraiders i did not really see it on the one i have all painted but after seeing the newest one i went back and there were some small dimples
but this is getting bad i ended up covering it up with some purity seals but for 75$ i would expect better.
This so more like what i have found on my older kit 

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