Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dakkajet part: I

 I started with a P-47d thunderbolt in 1:48th scale it seemed about the right size 
 added some proper guns i cant seem to get a proper shot of them close up the white on white does not come out well. but after i start painting it should be nice looking there are holes drilled in the outer larger tube to look like air coolers
 lots of ork glyphs and armor plates added to make it look orky
 its starting to look finished but i am not 100% happy. i just cant decide where to add somthing to finish it.
one last shot for..


  1. It looks too clean still. You need to break up some of those smooth lines and you'll like it more.

  2. more bolts and rivets and as rich said above, you need to break up those smooth lines to make it look orky and not a wwii model

  3. when this was posted I had not done any rivets at all but i am much farther along now and the bolts help quite a bit. It still needs something else. I think from where it is now. The 2ed post about this jet will come out this Saturday. it's deffentaly better now but still needs something else.