Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deffkoptas part: I

I decided to try playing in an escalation league that is starting soon at my FLGS and I need these 2 Deffkoptas ready to go  asap also a warboss and a truck and about 4 more nobs..... guess I need to get painting.

again there are three colors so they do make minimum standards... but there not even green and that would be just wrong to field them as is.

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  1. Those models really are stellar. Having worked now on Skaven for a while, I highly recommend mixing some shading tones into your base metals; it really helps with a good starting tone, as well as reducing the number of washes to achieve a suitably dingy final color.

    Looking really good! Get that metal stuff down, cause I see some 'jacks in our near future.