Friday, July 20, 2012

Terrain refurbishment part Four

Some trim has helped add a bit to these very old buildings I think I will punch out some rivets to add on to the trim. Also I believe it needs some cracks in the walls and perhaps some built holes before paint. But the pile of junk in the center is still me favorite part of this piece it is just not 100% game friendly as guys don't all wise stand easily on it. You can't win em all tho.


  1. that is excellently done, about how much work did all of this take time wise (excluding shopping for materials you didn't have)?

  2. honestly i could re build this from scratch in about 2 hours maby a little more. but this one took a lot more then that sence it was one of the first terrain pieces my friends and I built. the walls are fomecore but they are also coated in Spackle to give them texture. my buddies and i thought it was necessary back when we first started but now i would just stab some bullet holes into the building and drag a pen over the fomecore very forcefully to make some cracks to give it a textured look. the rubble pile is just rocks from the driveway glued in a messy pile with some pieces of balsa wood mixed in. i still like the look that gives you and it is so easy.

    i will have to do a step by step post next time a make a new building.