Monday, July 9, 2012

Zone mortis board part: I

This is my take on the Forge World Zone mortis game board. It is still very "work in progress"
but after discovering a new tool that will speed things up (humm I might have to paint it red...) I am back on tract to finish this project.
This paper cutter is what will finally give me the speed i need to actually see some progress .
first off I needed to set a size for the trim on all the walls I went with 3/8" if  you were wondering how many strips it will take to do this whole project the answer I am currently dealing with is simply "more" if you think you cut enough multiply that by two perhaps three and then you might be close.

 this is the first stack.....
Then I needed this stack..... and it looks like I will still need at least one more stack to do the sections I have
The floor needed something interesting on it i went with 1" squares again if you think you have enough just keep cutting this pile did 7 tiles but just barely and only after I decided that the really large open spaces would go uncovered and I would simply paint something interesting in them.
The squares where not enough for the floors seance you are looking at them all the time so I decided they all need drains so I sliced down some granny grateing and started glueing. 

 This is what I ended up with after all my work today it may not look like much but I can start painting them as soon as they dry and that is a huge step forward so I am pleased.

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  1. Seems neat. Should be interesting when painted.