Friday, June 29, 2012

Orc batch painting part:three

Just a little update I am all most done base coating. They will get done very quickly when the base coating is finished. it's just a matter of getting there 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Painting a Landraider part: I

A bit of progress has been achieved with the laindraider that i magnitised the other day. Its now yellow in all the right spots and i layed on the boltgun for the rivets and all the other places i believe it will end up when it is finished    

Monday, June 25, 2012

Magnetizing a Landraider

 first part is easy build up the hull and everything but the weapons.
 Next you need to cut the posts down by the thickness of the magnets and add them back on like i have done to the one of the left just below this
 This one i stole from a recent post on bell of lost souls but it only needs small magnets so it seemed the best way to recess the magnets ad still keep the stability of the parts rotation wise. 
 the magnets that i used where a tiny bit larger then the holes in the storm bolters and the little optical doodad so i just stick my hobby knife in the hole and spun it around to bore it out a bit. Then you just drop a dab of glue down the hole and press the magnet to the botem of the hole  
 I am willing to bet that you cant even tell that this is held together with magnets.
 The next piece that needed to be magnetized was the multimelta i suggest gluing a piece of spru across the gap from the bottom 
 Its hard to see but this is the piece from the inside and a shot of the magnet on the multimelta sorry if it is harder to see i forgot to take a picture of it before i primed the whole thing. 

hear we go all done and ready for paint 
 Oh and has anyone had problems will casting problems with landraiders i did not really see it on the one i have all painted but after seeing the newest one i went back and there were some small dimples
but this is getting bad i ended up covering it up with some purity seals but for 75$ i would expect better.
This so more like what i have found on my older kit 

Friday, June 22, 2012

6TH edition advance orders

go get em advance orders are up and ready

Orc batch painting part:Two

I am still chugging away at these guys when I can and technically they are tournament legal... not that i would play them this way but they do cover the 3 color minimum plus some and are based at least some what.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Orc battle wagons 2 for 1

I picked up a battle wagon the other day for my orcs. This kit is really great looking but after i got finished building it up the way i wanted to run it. I realized that there were a ton of left over parts on the frame. So what is an aspiring mek to do.....
the answer is build a second battle wagon out of the same kit!
 Admittedly i cheated a bit and used the bottom of an old Sherman tank i had picked up cheep on clearance at the local craft store years ago. but the ard case top made for a good starting point for the bed where Da boys could ride around on.
 then came the plastic card to extend it the full length and give me something to build off of.
 All good orc vehicles have a face and i saved the gob from the kit just for this
 Then it's time to make a cab for this wagon and the left over kannon turret extended out a bit fits the bill
 hears a shot with the cab mostly finished
 and the back of it so you can see what parts went in to it the extension is mostly the supports for the ard case stacked up to form an interesting wall
 At this stage i was running low on battle wagon parts so i had to make the walls mostly out of more plastic card properly chiped up with some of the small glyph added for detail
 more of the same hear
 this shows the great joy there is is building Orc trucks i had a round turret and to fill that gap at the bottom all i had to do was slightly randomly add chiped up plates and not only does it look appropriate but in my opinion it looks damn good. you just can't get away with that building a titan or any imperial tank. 
 some shots of finishing the back up i made sure to use every last scrape part
 and these last few are the finished wagon in all its glory

both still need deff rollers but I have not gotten around to them yet but i will post an update when I do.
I am not sure why the comment's sent to this blog don't all wise post but I assure you i get them. Blogger emails me with each comment when it is posted.
Dwez asked for some side by side  comparisons so hear they are.

 As you can see it is a little taller (about .25in) but the width is all most spot on. the length is the only place where there is actually a significant deviation it is about 1 inch to long i could have choped down the Sherman but that would have taken a long time and i would have had to find a way to shorten the tracts them selves and they are basically rubber bands so attaching them to them selves would have not been worth the effort. plus these are orcs it just seems wrong that all the trucks look the same and are exactly the same size.    

Monday, June 18, 2012

My new Flgs: Stomping grounds

After being essentially homeless games store wise for the last 2 years or so I finally have a nice place to get in some games. This store just opened about 15 min away from where I live. is a place made by gamers for gamers. The owner matt (bottom left in the picture) is both friendly and enthusiastic. He started this stores because around Philadelphia Pennsylvanian there are few options for playing tabletop games.

Games workshop way down in the north east of Philadelphia witch has 3 tables and is cramped into a small strip mall so if you are not there at a very off time you cant even walk around there are so many people cramed in and don't even think about getting a table to play at peak times.    

The other options consist of about 2-3 comic shops that carry a bit of games workshop's products and at most have a few 4' by 4' boards witch is fine for small games but leaves no options to go beyond that and at least speaking for my self they were all at least 30 min drives.

Stomping grounds On the other hand is huge this picture does it no Justus there are six 4'/8' gaming tables up at all times with at least 10 tables for the magic the gathering players. I have been told that they could host at 56 player magic tournament with out disrupting the wargaming tables witch by the way are spaced generously from eatch other so that you wont be bumping into the players from the next table (very nice around hear as we have a lot of bigger players). They can also add at least 6-10 more wargaming tables if there is need giving them a max of 16 8'/4' tables . if  you where to do a 1000 point event that means to could potentially have 32 games going at one time!  

i actually got in 2 games the other day one with the owner matt VS his guard army and one agenst the guy that will be running the tournaments at the store and his Orcs. I ended up in a tied game when facing the guard. If it ran for any more turns it could have gone ether way but lets just say that the sternguard in there landraider performed rather well and were still at full power charging the remaining guardsmen but there were at least 9 melta gun toating vets that wanted a piece of them. 

In the second game I faced Orcs for the 2ed time ever and it was a blast even tho my dice hated me for most of the game. I got rolled hard in this one. My bikes, sturngurad, landraider and my dreadnought in a drop pod all got killed early after failing to kill a single model in shooting if they could have destroyed a single battle wagon and allowed me to charge its contents it would have been a different game. But dice are what they are and the guy I was playing was really honestly sorry to see the game go so badly for me. It's nice to play games with people who care so much about both players having fun. After all that is why I do these things in my free time to relax and enjoy my self.

On the flip side they are planing on running a tournament about once a month and that is supposed to be rather cut throat and I am interested in attending that as well even tho I will miss the first one due to previous obligations. I am going to make an effort to get to the next one and hopefully i will get some pics to bring back hear as well.             

So if you happen to To live close to Philadelphia drop by stomping grounds its all you could possibly ask for in a wargaming store.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Orc batch painting part:one

I know this doesn't look like much but there is a grand total of 3 hours work in on this batch of 19 orcs. So far they got sprayed green and the brown leather got its bestial brown. I have learned that 19 is a bit to much for me in one shot I am going to try 10 next after these and see if it it more manageable. For now I am going to go the distance with this batch. I think the other colors will go faster for the most part . well maybe not the black there tends to be a lot of that.... o well i will just have to keep cranking after work tomorrow.    

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Orc speed painting

This guy went from primer to this in under an hour. I Plan on needing ALOT of these guys so i had to find a way to paint many of them quickly if I wanted to see the army playabil at any point in the next few years.

So hears the step by step. This is as much for my own reference as for any one who wants to replicate what i did. So hear we go.
step 1: prime black
step 2: spray krylon leafy green over most of it but mostly to get the skin based 
step 3: base coat brown= bestial brown
                            black= chaos black 
                            red= khorne red
                            silver=boltgun metal
                            gray= Codex grey
                            the base is painted Dark flesh rimed chaos black

step 4: add some streaks of codex gray to the black cloth to show scuffs and damage  
step 5: washes  silver gets washed Badab black
                         red armor, leather, black cloth and gray fir all get Devlan mud also the base gets a bit
                         green skin gets washed Thraka green

step 6: add khorne red details to the gun and any other places needed
           then stipple on bestial brown followed by blazing orange on the large surfaces of the metal like the sword and gun to show rust
           Finally add white tips to the fur rim on the hat and painted the stitches bleached bone the teeth are also bleached bone.
          also paint large sand pieces on the base codex gray and dry brush a little graveyard earth wile you are at it.

and that is what I will be replicating again and again to get this army painted but it should be worth it to see a fully painted hoard charging across the board. The big guys and more interesting units will get more attention then this but it should be good enough for a normal guy.