Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aduptus Custodies

I started these guys when i had herd that Gray knights was coming as i felt that gray knights would be the closest we will ever get on the table top to Aduptus Custodies and i have all wise wanted an Aduptus Custodies force ever seance i read white dwarf issue 300 where dave taylor's wonder full army was shone off. But  then gray knights hit the shelves and were picked up by so meany people and proclaimed to be the new cheesy army by much of the net. So they got shelved for a wile. Now that people have learned how to counter them for the most part i don't think i will have as much guilt running them. Time will only tell... any way hear is what i have done so far 

Each has custom shoulder  made shoulder pads that i made a mold of and in the next post i do on this army i will show you all how that was done as best as i can. resin is both a wonderful thing and also a pain to work with at times.  

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