Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project list

I have all ways had a problem with keeping my self focused on getting done one task before I move on to the next idea. This tends to get a lot started and nothing done. Over the last all most 9 months keeping my hobby log thread on Bell of lost souls has had a great influence on me as far as completing my main project. My imperial fist army  

So riding on the coat tails of that success is what this blog is all about it will give me a place to show what i am doing and also keep me on track to complete all the half done things i have started.

In that vain this is my current To Do list

  1. painting up options for my imperial fists
  2. completing my small adeptus custodes army
  3. Orks
  4. vampire counts
  6. Zone mortis board 
  7. finish my scratch build warhound
  8. paint my baneblade tank
  9. start painting up the high elves from the warhammer starter box
  10. paint up the citys of death building i got back when it came out
  11. warriors of chaos
  12. possibly revisit my Tau 
there is no real order to that list so i am hopeing to start denting that list as soon as possibal. But i am sure new things will come up to expand it at some point. That is half the fun with this hobby tho there is always something around the corner! 

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