Friday, April 20, 2012

Terrain 101

I can't start to talk about building terrain with out first pointing you to the most helpful page on the net This man has made scratch building buildings and such so much easier and added a layer of detail that most people starting out would never add 

this is one i built from his 2 story ruins template but so are all of these

As you can see he gives you a great out line to start with and from that you can shape the final building to suite your needs. I am sure you all took the link at the top to Dwez blog and took a bit of time to look around and saw all the great buildings he has done. The thing you will see is that his interpretations of the plans he made are a little different then what I have done with them and I am sure anything you would make would look different still. I Honestly Feel that is what the GW buildings lack some times. Sure they look nice and all but they all end up looking a little to much alike. There is nothing like a nice set of home built terrain.
So from hear out I am going to look to break down any building tips I can muster into quick and easy steps to get you started building your own battlefield. Next Monday look forward to an introduction to fomecore and some simple ways to make it work for you!  


  1. Thanks for the nod Turiya64 your take on my plans are always interesting and I welcome all variations and remixes of the STC's.

    Good luck with the blog I hope it's as rewarding as mine is. I'd have never stuck to mine if it wasn't for the ability to schedule posts in advance. I'd recommend using all those pics you've already got and prep half a dozen posts at a time and as and when things dry up just add one from your 'stock' it works for me ;) All the best.

  2. thank you for stopping by. oh most definitely being able to schedule posts is amazing i have Monday Wednesday and Friday all ready taken care of that way and i most definitely need to build up a few posts for when i am just not inspired as it happens to all of us at some point.