Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Imperial Fists

This is my sternguard squad they get used in conjunction with lysander in a landraider most of the time so that they can pop out and blast what should be an unsuspecting target that was just shot out of there transport by something long range such as a predator tank. if the longer range of other squads fail this one has 2 meltas to do the job. when this happens most of the time i can't wipe out the squad I am attacking with shooting. But I can charge with lysander the sternguard and also the bike squad that is meant to be close by. Its worked well for me so far


  1. Very nice. You don't often see the white helmets and trim with yellow armour but it works really well here.

    Ron, FTW

  2. thank you Ron. i have attempted to stick to codex proper schemes and as this is a unit of vets they are painted as first company. when my tactical squads and most of the rest of the army for that matter show up on hear you will see that they are red trim to show that they are from the third company. At some point I would like to have the whole 1st and 3ed company painted up but I am years away from that.