Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Imperial fist's devastators squad Ursus

Well I lied about moving on to winter guard in the last post but you have to paint what you feel in the mood to paint.
I added a little bit of damage to there armor to match there Sargent. The sargent was actually my test model for the army who I was playing with a lot of modifications that i dropped for the army as they were  just to time consuming to do for each model. One day I would like to go back and at least redo my other sargents.  


  1. That would be totally up to you. But it is a new edition as of a few months ago and the trend is back to the infantry army's we all wise liked... with the bonus that rapid fire weapons can still fire the single shot at full range even when moving so you are not forced to choose moving or shooting like before.

    There is all wise warmachine with its low model count that rick and i are into as well my 15 point list that i play him with is 7 guys and i think his list is 8 or 9. so much less painting.