Sunday, September 30, 2012

Terrain day! update two!

Sorry for the late start. I was invited out to breakfast and could not resist. But I am starting up my terrain building now so far I have gotten nothing done but I did find a few more useful tools and some smaller doweling that should be handy.

  Update one: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I did 6 pieces of ruined walls / junk for smaller pieces I need to let them dry in place before I can start to add details to them like trim on the walls that make these things pop a bit more.

There is also this storage tank with gantry that was inspired by inspiration-in-odd-places when I am done it will look more like the tank farm in the 2ed picture I hope.

last but not least is the base of my sky shield landing pad. It should be interesting making the moving parts of this one but I have ideas.

hopefully this all drys in the next few hours wile I build up the bases of a few more pieces I wanted to start so I can finish them and prime them for paint!


Minor updates for the above pieces ...................................... but I personally like the walls much better

The start of a large Ork fort! not much to see from the one side with the entrance but the gob looking side is already looking a lot more orky.

Also this fenced in supply depo. I think it is about read for sand and primer on this one not much to fiddle with 


  1. The wife's told me no more terrain :( So I'm a bit envious of your endeavours. I'm going to have a think about future STCs though and how to release them without modelling them first. Don't want to always rely on the free Radical Collective, what would Avro Vulcan say?

  2. cool man. exciting battlefield options. much more open then our previous ventures.