Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Warmachine battle report Khador VS. Cryx

 this game was played the same night as my last report so it will also be lacking in details but i will do my best to recount This adventure. This was after I moved up on turn one 
 after taking the picture of the table on turn one I apparently skipped most of the game but the one widow maker is behind his group because I actually went for my feat and froze him in place due to not being careful enough with my facing with sorscha my juggernaut was also frozen .  
 this is where my Juggernaut got smashed the only thing left was his legs system wise. making him really kind of useless. So don't expect much out of him for the rest of the game. 
 To save my caster i felt i had to remove the slayer helljack so my destroyer walked in combat and crippled him up a bit  but it left my caster open to the little death jack again this time he got less lucky and only wounded her.
 my Juggernaut went down and sorscha knocked the head off of the deathjack I think 
 the slayer died to the destroyer and i tryed to shoot his caster with the widow makers doing a little damage in the process
Ah the last turn I tryed to go big and dodge around and kill his caster the destroyer got away with out further damage then it all ready had  the widow makers missed there shots but i still had my trump card sorscha her self all she had to do was walk out of combat with two little chicken jacks with little melee power between them now that the one had its head cut off and the other was a ranged damage type. She was focus stacked so she had exter armor from that and was going to have the chance to shoot her gun and fire off her power 12 ranged attack spell 3 times there was a great chance that i could kill his caster. Sadly it was not to be the melee warjack missed but the ranged one landed his free attack and killed her. so i am now down 2 games to 1 with thewarhost. But i am sure we will get more games in soon and I will have a chance at revenge.


  1. These were both awesome games! I am ALMOST through the BS and ready to get those thralls painted and on the table. We're gonna be playing again before you know it!

  2. Now that I have my beast-09 I am getting excited to paint up the khador again. i have the winterguard based up for the most part so i should push them and the dog is all most done then on to the beast and i will have my army all painted!