Thursday, September 6, 2012

Unleashing the Beast - 09... soon?

Well after all most 3 weeks I finally got an update from privater press. If you check there mispick page they now warn you that it is con season and they are backed up with mispack's. On the bright side they give you an email address to ask what is going on with your request. So I dropped them a line Two days later I got  got a reply telling me that they were not sure what was taking my request so long but they they were going to make sure it happens soon.

So in the end my ticket was updated to "in progress" and i decided to start building up the Beast-09

This is as far as I can go with the part I have right now. The thing that I will warn people of and it will be something that any one in the hobby will all ready know but PIN everything. It is so important with large mettle models like this with his small legs and heavy top I even pined the legs and they have large plugs to hook into the groin holes.

any way off I go to prime this guy up and I hope I will get the rest of him in soon. 

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