Monday, September 17, 2012

Warmachine battle report Khador VS. Cryx

  Ok right off the bat i am going to ask forgiveness. I did not get around the writing this report until a week after the game and there were 2 of them played that night so both of these reports will be short and to the point or at least that is my excuse for not adding all the details that most people like.

Any way the shot above is out set up it is the same 15 point battle as the first game (actually now that i look at it I seem to have missed the set up this is after the cryx first turn and all his warjacks have run at my lines. the first turn is all about posturing and right now i am feeling good about this one. 
I was feeling good about this turn because i had the chance to keep my blockers up where they needed to be and i thought i was totally safe in fact i decided to go for the gusto and attempt to snipe his spell shade with my widow makers. If it works he wont get his free spell for the rest of the game when fighting the Cryx it is a real pain to deal with the 3 clouds they can put down that block line of sight if i could cut him down to 2 it would be a huge advantage. But i should have shot the little death jack that was closer to me. I greatly underestimated them in this game due to shooting there heads off in the first one before they hit me.  
looks like we are time skipping forward as you can see my widow makers payed dearly for ignoring the deathjack and worst of all they could not knock out the damn spell shade  he had one box left for the rest of the game.
on this round he decided to go aggressive and charged my heavy warjacks. I thought my luck turned around when his warcaster only all most killed my destroyer BUT the two systems  left where my executioner ax in the right arm and the cortex. This meant that I could give the warjack focus and attack more and hit harder. A fully loaded Khador warjack can kill a warcaster in one turn. but not today sadly I did some damage but he was not dead.    

last turn my poor lady sorscha got killed by that damn deathjack that my widow makers passed up there shots at on turn one.. lesson learned and this brought my games with  thewarhost to one win one loss.

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