Sunday, September 30, 2012

Terrain day! update two!

Sorry for the late start. I was invited out to breakfast and could not resist. But I am starting up my terrain building now so far I have gotten nothing done but I did find a few more useful tools and some smaller doweling that should be handy.

  Update one: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I did 6 pieces of ruined walls / junk for smaller pieces I need to let them dry in place before I can start to add details to them like trim on the walls that make these things pop a bit more.

There is also this storage tank with gantry that was inspired by inspiration-in-odd-places when I am done it will look more like the tank farm in the 2ed picture I hope.

last but not least is the base of my sky shield landing pad. It should be interesting making the moving parts of this one but I have ideas.

hopefully this all drys in the next few hours wile I build up the bases of a few more pieces I wanted to start so I can finish them and prime them for paint!


Minor updates for the above pieces ...................................... but I personally like the walls much better

The start of a large Ork fort! not much to see from the one side with the entrance but the gob looking side is already looking a lot more orky.

Also this fenced in supply depo. I think it is about read for sand and primer on this one not much to fiddle with 

Friday, September 28, 2012

terrain day! this sunday the 30th!

Ok this is the plan I gathered a nice pile of "stuff" to build terrain with and today I cut a nice large pile of bases and rounded the edges over on all of them. I also roughed sketched on each what I want to put on them .

I am off to the Saturday so I wont have time to do anything with this pile. But Sunday I am planing to spend the day getting as far into this as I can and I am going to update the post every few hours so you can see what I am doing and how it is going.

So join me this Sunday the 30th and feel free to suggest ideas all day long and I will get to knocking them together all most live!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kroot unit two The brown bird men

This was my other counter charge unit I don't have much to add that I did not put into the post about the green unit mostly one covered  one side and the other took the opposite half of the board. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Imperial fist's devastators squad Ursus

Well I lied about moving on to winter guard in the last post but you have to paint what you feel in the mood to paint.
I added a little bit of damage to there armor to match there Sargent. The sargent was actually my test model for the army who I was playing with a lot of modifications that i dropped for the army as they were  just to time consuming to do for each model. One day I would like to go back and at least redo my other sargents.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kroot unit one the green bird men

This was another unit I loved when people hated them or at least were willing to tell me I was nuts for running them on the tau forums. I still stand by them as a solid choice the tau need something to hold up close combat units even if it is only for a turn to get them some breathing room. Plus  the rule of cool fits them i mean look at them they are interesting bird monster men what is not to like.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Imperial fist's Chaplain

I got up this morning and had the urge to paint something in power armor this guy has sat around mostly done for about three years if I were to guess so he seemed the proper candidate to take care of that urge.  Now that he is done I think I will move one with some orks or more likely some whinter guard for warmachine. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gothic Church part: III

The sides had to get the windows filled in. I have a lot of large terrain in my collection and I have found that most all of it you can see thru one side and out the other. So this will be my huge line of sight blocker and with any luck the windows will look better this way but that will have to be decided after it is all finished.
The front is also about 90% done I think it needs door knockers or something like that. So i need to do that plus the back and the roof and we will be done the base at least.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tau pathfinders

Tau pathfinders never one of the units i preferred but where mandatory when they changed to the current codex. marker lights where/ are needed to make the army work. They were one of the things that led me to look for a different army that suited my play style more but I have to say I still like the way they look.   

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

workspace! time to build a new desk!

I knocked together the basic shape I am going for. A 5' by 5'  L shape that will be about 6.5' tall to accommodate lots of storage.  I would love any ideas people have to incorporate in to this project. What would you do if you could have the work space of your dreams? As you can see I still have a blank slate but in a few days I will have some time off and I want to get the bulk of the desk built by the  28th so drop me some ideas before then!

This is my current workspace to give you an idea of what all will go into the new desk But i am hoping that it wont be this crowded. Aw who am I kidding It will just give me more room for more projects and be just as bad!