Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sternguard Sargent for the second squad

Currently I am working on some easy weathering I can go back over most of my army with to age them with. But as a test I am going to Finish my second squad of stern guard with the weathering in place then I will take what I learn and go back to my all ready finished models.

So far I tryed to make some bullet hits by painting on small batches of black with streaks of black away from them then adding some boltgun to the center followed by some mournfang brown then blazing orange in very small amounts to give some age to the hits

after that I sponged abaddon black on all the yellow plates

then finally I made up some weathering powder out of dark brown artist pastels and applied it liberally with my stippling brush.

I like it but if any one has suggestions I am open to new ideas    

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