Monday, July 29, 2013

Wight king BSB finished

So now I have finally finished up my wight king I think he will really be something for who ever I am playing too enjoy looking at the banner is my take on one I found in an Google image search

witch by the way is an excellent way to find  all sorts of inspiration for little details like this. 

after that banner was done it was a matter of quickly finishing the tiny amount of the base that actuality shows so I gave it the normal brown dirt gray rock treatment. Consisting of laying down a base of each color then highlighting the rocks a bit and washing both in sepia then black washes.

The only thing that really comes up lacking too me in the model is the back of the banner but seeing how it is just about never seen I can be ok with that for now but at some point may have to come back and add something to give it some flavor 

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