Friday, July 26, 2013

Wight king bsb

   So I am back at painting, I know it does not look like there was much of a break, but there is a key difference in this post that makes it different then almost all of the rest I have put up and that is that this one is live. I normally run one too two months of posts ahead on this blog but a lot of thing have combined so slow almost to a stop my hobby work the end result being that I am out of my back log of posts with little to nothing to replace it right now. 
  So for a wile I would like to ask any one who reads this blog to stick with me there will be a lack of content for a wile. My normal Monday Wednesday Friday I cant currently fill so I am going to make sure I at least post one time a week and I will be doing my best to make that one post better then my old mass posts. So please subscribe to the blog there are buttons off to the right side of this post.

 Any way as you can see my first painting I came back to was my Wight king. The idea was to give he an ethereal look. Something less worn and more ghostly so I decided to wash this armor in green and blues like I had done with the coven throne. After that I decided to do something that I all wise wanted to do but never had the confidence to pull off. I went to try a ghostly blue OSL light from the eyes it came out ok at best but I after doing it I realized that with the way OSL works the eyes on this model where a bad place to start as they would not cast light on much of anything.
  Now I knew  I needed something else to try it on  and the small vial on his belt seemed ideal. maby it is a potion on strength perhaps it is a vial of blood from the vampire to help charm and control the Wight king. ether way it could be a magic item that could glow and that is what I wanted. Thus I started layering on reds as lightly as I could  where the light would be cast from the bottle and made them brighter and stronger the closer to the bottle I got. I think it turned out really well even tho If I had it to do again I would have gone brighter and stronger with the light source. It still looks dame good if I do say so my self. 

Now I just need a banner design to paint and also to paint up the base.....

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